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Four FREE Numbertown apps from Digital Storytime!

Screen Shot 2011-12-03 at 11.53.55 AMCarisa from Digital Storytime sent me a note that all four Numbertown series apps are now free! Get them quick because we're not sure how long they're free...
She recommends all four titles and you can get more info and download links from her review pages: Great Snail Race
The Harvest Festival
123 Shape Up Number Town, Learn to Count
A Very Busy Week

A text--‐to--‐speech program with frequently used words/phrases and word prediction to make composing messages faster than typing. There are three keyboard layouts and the choice of a male or female voice.  FREE APP

Sono Flex Lite
A full--‐featured communication app with core and topic vocabularies. Add photos or use SymbolStix icons. Choose boy/girl or man/woman voices. Create message in message window and tap to speak entire sentence.  FREE APP

StoryKit   FREE APP
Create new books from books in the public domain.  Loads books from the International
Children’s Digital Library then edit text, paint and add audio files to pages.  No text--‐to--‐Speech available.  Upload to share stories.

The Urinal Game  FREE APP
A comical game that addresses the important issue of social etiquette and unwritten social rules in the environment of a public men’s restroom.

ABA Flash Cards & Games Emotions  FREE APP
Includes 200 + photos of children displaying a variety of emotions.  Can add your own photos,text and voice.  Game format to identify emotions named with photos.